11 Crazy Laws in Georgia You Won’t Believe Are Real


Every state has a set of crazy laws that linger from a bygone era. From the silly to the obscure, Georgia’s craziest laws reflect a strange sense of justice. How will banning Georgians from carrying an ice cream cone in a back pocket on Sunday protect the peace? Beats us. Luckily, we can laugh about these crazy laws today without fear of a citation. Here are some of the craziest laws we found still on the books in Georgia.




  1. Don’t swear in front of a dead body. If you use profanity around a corpse in a coroner’s office or a funeral home, you’re engaging in an illegal activity. The dead probably won’t care too much, but the living might in the state of Georgia.
  2. Never leave your donkey in a bathtub. The supposed law banning residents from keeping donkeys in bathtubs is actually a rumor. If you want to keep your donkey in a bathtub, by all means, go ahead. But if the local sheriff’s department does confiscate dairy animals, it does bear the responsibility of milking them.
  3. State assembly members can catch a break. While in session, traffic officers cannot issue a citation to assembly members for speeding. Apparently, attendance at the meeting trumps safe driving habits in one of the most congested urban environments in the nation.
  4. Guilty of sadomasochistic abuse? Under any reasonable definition, you probably don’t qualify for this particular form of abuse. In the state of Georgia, however, the broad definition could apply in any number of situations. If, for instance, someone handcuffed Sylvester the cat at Six Flags, the person holding the cuffs just might be guilty.
  5. Don’t try to start a private lottery. In Georgia, you’re limited to the state lotto. The state supposedly enacted this law to “protect citizens,” but it sounds more like an anti-competition clause to us.
  6. Remember to register your raffle. Non-profits must register all raffles with local sheriff’s departments. If you fail to do so, you might face jail time and up to $10,000 in fines. This law seems slightly excessive, don’t you think?
  7. You won’t find a two-for-one beer deal in Athens. In Athens-Clarke County, alcohol selling establishments can’t sell two beers for the price of one. Presumably, other alcohol-related promotions are legal.
  8. You must own a rake. This law only applies to Acworth residents. If you live in the community north of Atlanta, you must own a rake. If enforced, this law would make apartment living interesting.
  9. Don’t order that adult toy from Amazon. Technically, the state bans all sex toys. In an age when most people respect the privacy of consensual adult affairs, this law could get many people in trouble. Our question is: How would law enforcement know?
  10. Write your signs in English. Several areas in Georgia constitute truly multicultural communities. Here, however, you better include an English translation for any signs written in another language. Failure to write a sign in English is illegal.
  11. Avoid living on a boat in this state. No one can live on a boat for over a month during the calendar year (not necessarily a consecutive month). Our state offers few opportunities for full-time boat living, but many boat owners may spend more than 30 days and nights on a vessel in a given year.

Thankfully, state and local authorities will not enforce the majority of these laws. For people who work with laws every day and those we serve, they do offer a brief reprieve from the more serious laws that govern our state. We hope you find these crazy Georgia laws as amusing as we did.

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