10 weird laws that the Netherlands still has in 2018

What are the strange rules that the Netherlands has?

So there are some rather strange rules that the Netherlands has. A ton that some other nations really do not have. A couple are a bit out-of-date now and the rules have transformed considering the fact that, but they utilized to be legislation and that’s strange adequate. Some of these rules you may well know and other people you may well not have recognized existed, so lets get to it.

#1: It is illegal not to have lights and a bell on your bicycle, but not to put on a helmet

In a ton of nations, this is the other way close to. This is largely thanks to protection difficulties and of program if you are out with a tiny little one as well, they ordinarily have to put on some kind of defense. Not in the Netherlands. As very long as you have lights for visibility and bell to attract attention, you are great to go. Safe or just stupid? The discussion continues on whether we really should all put on helmets. I guess we do have excellent bicycle lanes, which absolutely would make it a heck of a ton safer.

#2: Bikes have ideal of way, they rule about autos and pedestrians

So say you have been strolling alongside a bicycle path and a bicycle hits you. They are not essentially liable, as they have ideal of way, even if it wasn’t your fault. The same goes for a car hitting a bicycle – that’s a big no, no as well. Please people today just observe out for bikes and autos observe out for them as well. They rule us all.

#3: Fireworks are illegal aside from three days right before NYE

It is illegal to purchase fireworks for intention to use, unless of course it is three days right before NYE. Even then, they are not able to be established off till NYE. Any time soon after that is also illegal. That means that New Decades Eve alone, is wild as hell.

Again, a different one particular that leads to a discussion every single year. Shall we allow them every single working day or really should we ban them entirely? Put it this way, where I’m from we can have fireworks all year round and our firework challenge is the fraction of what it is in the Netherlands. Answer? Almost certainly should not danger it.

#4: Required unexpected emergency drills require to be examined every single month

You may well have all read that strange and loud seem going off on the 1st Monday of every single month. The Dutch governing administration requires that these unexpected emergency drills are necessary and are examined at least after a month. A legislation that means we are going to have to hear to them every single 1st Monday of the month Permanently (well till the legislation changes, that is).

#5: You are not able to marry lawfully in the Netherlands unless of course one particular of you is Dutch

This legislation is real, but only if neither of you has residency. So for occasion, you just cannot come here from abroad to marry, like other people today do at beach front resorts across the earth. So if you are wanting to get hitched on the canals of Amsterdam and neither of you are registered here, forget it.

#6: Home sharing is technically illegal

three or additional youthful singles are technically not allowed to reside with each other. This is to stop a load of house shares. However this legislation is rather a great deal never ever enforced though, so it’s rather pointless and weird.

#7: It is illegal to go into a coffee shop if you are beneath 18

Opposite to what the video indicates, it’s not illegal for beneath 18’s to go into a common coffee shop (‘cafe’), but if it’s there to market weed, you are not allowed in, soz. NO Medication FOR U18s. Would seem truthful adequate, we just cannot consume till we are 18 both.

#8: Trees ought to be reinforced to stop them sinking by canals

Canal houses, which includes trees and other constructions ought to be reinforced so they really do not sink. So it’s not just the houses, but the trees as well! It is excellent that trees are just as shielded as the canal-aspect houses.

#9: Tenants have remarkable defense when renting

Superior for tenants and not so great for landlords, tenants have an remarkable total of defense. In fact, the landlord just cannot kick you out unless of course it gets taken to court. Really weird if you are not shelling out the lease and trashing the put. Terrific if you really do not want to be manufactured homeless by your landlord for virtually no explanation.

#10: You can only pee in a canal if you are expecting

Peeing in a general public put is not allowed (that’s why the urinals just about everywhere) and several fatalities have transpired from drunk people today peeing canals. This is truthful adequate, having said that, when expecting it is allowed. Not exactly harmless though is it… this is one particular of the rather strange laws  that the Netherlands has.

There you have it, ten strange rules that the Netherlands has.