9 Crazy Laws That Only Exist in North Korea

We  are always curious about international nations and places, and the legitimate enigma amid them is North Korea.

We have gathered 9 laws from this region that are not only strange to a foreigner but can be outright outrageous.

Not voting  is illegal  in North Korea. For that reason, every person does. Each and every 5 years, the presidential  elections are held,  but no opposition can at any time win.

You are not able to freely transfer around the region. If you want to live in the capital, you are going to will need to ask forpermission with a formal letter to the government and be found deserving.but no opposition can at any time win.

All forms of products considered to be capitalistic in style or production are forbidden, from particular cleanliness things to clothing and food.

North Korea has 3 TV stations, and they are all government managed. Also, you are obliged to watch them so you know the latest point out of politics and the country’s development.

North Korea works by using the Juche calendar (Juche, meaning “self-reliance,” is the official ideology). Calendar year one is 1912, when Kim Il-sung was born.

If one man or woman breaks the law, his little ones and moms and dads will also be punished.

Extravagant a new haircut? Attempt buying one from 28 state-accepted types. Those people are the only ones authorized.

The Significant E book is not only forbidden but proudly owning it is punishable.

North Korean legislation about visitors and immigrants of the region are so vague that you can be taken into custody for being a foreigner at any moment.

Even though the law is strict, there is one man or woman it doesn’t apply to: the chief of the region.


Although nonetheless crammed with secret, North Korea opened up a little for us now.