The Functional Lawyer Resume

Present day law firm resumes usually fall into 1 of two broad types: the chronological resume and the practical resume. The chronological law firm resume lists all your expertise from the most to the least current in reverse chronological purchase. The practical law firm resume, on the other hand, focuses on your competencies and expertise, relatively than on your chronological function heritage.

Whilst the chronological resume is the most common type of resume made use of by lawyers, the practical law firm resume can be a very good alternate in particular instances. Lawyers who may perhaps want to contemplate a practical structure contain:

* Expert lawyers who want to existing a unified concept in their function expertise, or who want to just take the focus absent from their age and expertise as not to look “overqualified” or too senior for a place.

* Lawyers who have practiced in diverse fields or follow locations from the style of place they are looking for (e.g. from law agency to in-residence, or from litigation to company).

* Lawyers who remaining the follow or who have gaps on their resumes (e.g. these types of as ladies who took time off to increase kids, or all those who have had far more than a six-months hole among positions).

That stated, unless of course you are in a circumstance where the practical law firm resume would make the most perception (e.g. you are returning to the function for after a extensive hiatus), you ought to be aware that most legal businesses and recruiters usually do not favor the practical resume. Most legal businesses are accustomed to the chronological resume, and several online application programs do not acknowledge practical resumes.

To be safe, you ought to check out to develop both a chronological and practical law firm resume, existing both resumes to colleagues and recruiters in your field, and see which 1 they sense very best displays your competencies and expertise. Again, prior to sending any resume, you want to know your audience, their expectations, and identify what style of resume structure they will be most receptive to.